Wild Venison Salami

Wild Venison Salami


Join us on this exciting journey for tasting some awesome charcuterie from the finest ingredients.... wild venison, wild boar, free range British rare breed pigs, organic beef .


Wild venison salami - similar to Saucisson Sec or Cacciatore


Naturally delicious! Light and well balanced seasoning for enhancing the flavour of the truly wild venison. Fermented then traditionally air dried for flavour development.



Wild Venison, free range pork, black pepper, garlic, white wine, salt, curing salt, starter culture, dextrose

Made with 154g meat per 100g finished product!

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  • Storage

    Most of our products are vacuum packed for freshness and for avoiding over drying, so the products can be stored and shipped on ambient temperature. For the best experience, please keep them in a cool and dry place, ideally in the fridge.

    Before consumption, take out of the vacuum bag, wipe off any moisture if necessary, and keep it on room temperature for 20 minutes.

  • Storage of whole salami

    You can buy whole salami straight out of the curing chamber from us. The salami is partially or fully covered with beneficial white mould and so it needs attention and care. Hang it in a cool and fairly dry place, ideally the relative humidity doesn't exceed 75%. Optionally it can be stored in a greaseproof paper in the fridge, opening and visually checking every other day. After slicing, just cover the exposed surface with foil and if necessary, discard the first slice at next time.