Wild Venison Loin - 6oz

Wild Venison Loin - 6oz


A Naturally Delicious tender piece of lean wild venison, the loin can be cut into smaller steaks.

All our venison is hand cut in our approved premises.

You can't beat loin served pink with a slightly sweet, fruity accompaniment.

Fully traceable from field to fork. 

1 pack contains a 6oz steak.

  • Packaging/Boxes

    We ship our products in "Eco-Box" which is an entirely paper-based solution. 100% curbside recyclable. Combined with Icer-Packs, so Eco-Boxes can offer an effective and reliable solution for temperature controlled packaging requirements.

    • 100% Curbside Recyclable- pop the box and liner straight into your cardboard recycling
    • High Performance (0-8°C for up to 48 hours)
    • Provides Additional Product Protection
  • Delivery options

    We deliver the products by ourselves to local customers in 10 miles from SP85PF.

    Shipping to UK Mainland by DPD 24 hr service.

    Please make sure you will be home to receive the package on the agreed day, we will send a tracking number by email on the evening of dispatch.

    If your product delivery is delayed for any reason, please contact us immediately!


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