About Us

South Wild Venison is a family run artisan food producer with the mission of spreading our love of the finest British Wild Venison as widely as possible. The local council approved our premises in 2020 and awarded the highest food hygiene ratings. Our venison comes from sustainably managed deer populations; managed to the highest animal welfare standards by ourselves. We supply direct to the public, to restaurants, pubs and farm shops too.

You can meet up with us on Farmers' markets also, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for dates!


Venison is...

Naturally Delicious!


High in protein

High in Vitamins and Minerals especially Iron, Vit B, Zinc

High in Omega 3 and Omega 6

Low in Calories and Fat

Lower in cholesterol than chicken

Drug and medicine free, NO antibiotics

Naturally Delicious!

We supply venison according to the seasons, so the choice of venison will be limited to season and the time of the year. We encourage you to incorporate venison to your everyday cooking as we also do, so you can easily replace any farmed meat to healthy venison. You can find recipes and inspiration to cook naturally delicious dishes on our webpage or Facebook page.

We are a small-scale producer, and we produce to order. 

We exactly know where every cut comes from as all our venison is sustainably harvested by our deer manager with full traceability.

Our aim is to supply venison for a few families throughout the year so we have introduced a subscription for our regular venison box, which provides a constant supply and discount too.


Our products are available in our Venison Boxes. Please check out our shop!

Venison Loin Steak

A Naturally Delicious tender piece of lean wild venison, the loin can be cut into smaller steaks.

Our assortment is always in such hot demand that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to keep them on our shelves for long. Contact us to make sure we have them in stock or ask us for a delicious alternative.

All our venison is hand cut in our approved premises.

You can't beat loin served pink with a slightly sweet, fruity accompaniment.

Fully traceable from field to fork. 

1 pack contains a 6oz steak.

Venison Haunch Steak

Haunch Steak comes from the topside, silverside, rump or knuckle . This is going to be a constant favorite among our customers as we pride ourselves on only producing the highest-quality products.
Simply fry it with salt, pepper, garlic & rosemary; this couldn't be easier. Naturally lean and a great choice for those wanting a lower fat meat to brighten up their midweek dining or steak night. All our venison is hand cut in our approved premises. Fully traceable from field to fork. 1 pack contains a 6oz steak.

Wild Venison Mince

Always a big hit with our family and friends. Try it for yourself and find out why we just can’t stop raving about the delicious selection of meals, made with our venison mince.

Why not try out a venison Bolognese or lasagna or your favorite meat ball recipe using venison mince?

Naturally much lower in fat, venison is a healthy and tasty addition to ragus and sauces.

All our venison is hand processed in our approved premises. Fully traceable from field to fork. 

1 pack is 500-520g.

Diced Wild Venison

Diced Venison is the perfect and healthy substitution of beef for stews and casseroles.
Diced from the shoulder, haunch & neck. A rich and intensely flavored meat, conveniently diced into generous chunks ready for the pot. All our venison is hand cut in our approved premises. Fully traceable from field to fork.
1 pack is 500-520g.

Wild Venison Burger

Please make your choice!

No added pork or fat, 100% wild venison.


Himalayan salt and organic pepper burger... naturally delicious...


horseradish and mustard burger


blue cheese burger

All our venison is hand processed in our approved premises. Fully traceable from field to fork.

1 pack contains 4x 4oz burgers

Wild Venison Breakfast Patty

Sometimes we are fancy to have some fast food style breakfast. This is a delicious alternative for a morning egg & sausage muffin.


Venison Sausage

Our wide selection of venison sausages constant favorite among our family, friends & regular customers.
Current selection:
Royal venison sausages
Cranberry & Port venison
Leek & Rose venison
Always depending on the seasons and the venison/game availability. All our venison is  hand processed in our approved premises. Fully traceable from field to fork.
1 pack contains 6 sausages, 420-480g.

Wild Venison Joint

Well, either in the oven or on the bbq... never lets you down. If you wish your joint stuffed with rosemary and garlic and have pre-seasoned before it is rolled, feel free to ask us to do so, as we always do ours on that way...