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I caught the hunting, farming and sausage making bug at a young age, and have not looked back since. I have always had a passion for deer management and for  simply eat what we got after a successful day. Inherited the passion for charcuterie making from my grandfather, especially for traditionally air dried sausages and salamis and I still love to learn as much as I can about them. I am also passionate about sustainable grass based livestock farming.

Our venison comes from sustainably managed deer populations in Dorset and we source the additional pork from local free range producers.

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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Check out our most common inquiries we get at South Wild Venison regarding traceability, venison & delivery. If you have any further questions regarding one of our products, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you today.

What does "fully traceable from field to fork" mean?

It starts at the very beginning... We keep surveying and monitoring the dynamics & the health of the deer population throughout the year on the estates we manage. All carcasses are inspected, tagged then butchered, stored and delivered to you, and every each step is controlled by our HACCP plan. Literally, we are able to tell you the full history of any venison you are serving on the dining table.

Can I place a special order?

What does "fresh venison to your door" mean?

Generally, we produce to order and dispatch the products fresh with a few days shelf life so you can either consume it at arrival or can freeze them at home. However we tend to stock and dispatch some very popular cuts as frozen for example sausages and burgers.

When you make your order, we then send you a confirmation email stating the expected dispatching date.

When do you deliver?

Yes, that is one of the benefits ordering from an artisanal producer! We are more than happy to prepare your wished products, be it a special cut or a stuffed joint or game.

The short answer is, as soon as possible, generally we dispatch on every other Wednesdays. Please indicate if you need your box delivered for a specific date, and we will do our best!



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